Joe wakes up in his new out-of-condition body and is aghast. He immediately starts setting about getting in shape. He eats well Regrow Hair Protocol Reviews  and trains with determination and soon gets his new body humming. Now what does this tell you? It's who's in charge of the body that makes all the difference, and not a slow metabolism or bad genes. The moral of this tale is that if you've got the right attitude you can look - and feel - fabulous, regardless of the genetics you're working with (within reason of course). The point is it's the driver of the body that's important in what shape the body ends up.

Now, supposing Joe (lets assume that Joe is male or female accordingly) were to wake up in YOUR body. What would he make of it? Supposing you are of sound body and there is no medical reason why you can't reach your peak potential, if Joe was in the driving-seat, what differences could he achieve? With the  Regrow Hair Protocol Review right attitude, and a healthy goal and plan to achieve it, could Joe sculpt a fabulous body using what you have? The answer is almost certainly YES. What comes into your mind? If you're thinking of reasons why Joe couldn't sculpt your body, the following are NOT valid reasons that would stop Joe achieving peak condition: Slow metabolism, Big bones, Demanding job; Busy life; Kids; etc.

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