None of us likes the thought of having our skin wrinkle and gradually become thin. Neither do we want to lose our hair. Fighting a Regrow Hair Protocol spare tire is also pretty much a losing battle for many of us as we enter our 40s. Plus, we find our joints stiffening and our muscles sore in the mornings, making it harder to get out of bed-not to mention slowing our gait and putting us at risk of a fall.Though these side effects of aging are unpleasant, the one most of us dread above all is the very real possibility that we'll experience a steep decline of our mental faculties.

With mental decline, there comes an unbearable isolation. To find your memory failing you, and possibly receiving the diagnosis of Alzheimer's, puts you at the mercy of others who decide your destiny. In many cases, those you most love no longer want to be around you for long because it's painful for them to see you in this state.Aging and eventual death are the destiny of each and every one of us-there's no avoiding the downhill slope. But what we don't have to experience is the deterioration of our mental capacity.

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