While you are looking at labels, check for artificial fragrance or color. Both are made with non-organic chemicals, and many of them are banned in Europe because they're toxic and even carcinogenic. The best dry skin care products must be natural and safe. This stands to reason, actually, because the ingredients of any cream you rub on your face and hands will eventually be absorbed into your Sistema de Tratamiento Natural Para el Vitíligo bloodstream. Once they're in there they will be zipped around your body and end up in your major organs, so it's imperative there are no toxins and suspect chemicals in your creams -- even in tiny quantities. One product is not going to reverse dry skin for all people. So experiment and try out a number of natural, balanced dry skin care creams. It's my guess the one that works for you will be natural, of course, but will also have ingredients that stimulate your own body's resources so that aging is rolled back and you regain some of your youthfulness from the inside out.

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