The My Scene Dolls And Their Fantasy Lives

When you buy your doll and bring it home, you should not remove it by tearing the packaging. If possible, the packaging should be left in perfect condition. The doll will need to be removed from its packaging so you can take the necessary steps to ensure it has a long shelf life. silicone baby dolls cheap

The first step is to remove any tape from the bows in the doll's hair. Any remaining tape will leave a residue on the fabric that could seriously impact on the resale value of the doll. Anything in the packaging that might rust should also be removed. The doll could be ruined if pieces of metal in the packaging rust.

The next steps will depend on the length of time you plan on keeping your doll. You should buy special acid free tissue paper for wrapping collectible dolls, which is available at hobby stores. Then the doll's clothes should be removed, and the doll should be wrapped in the tissue paper before putting the clothes back on the doll. By doing this, the integrity of the fabric will be maintained for an extended period of time. If you don't wrap the doll in tissue paper, fabric dyes could bleed into the doll's skin. A doll with an oddly pigmented skin is not a good thing!

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