It may also help to take a picture to print and attach right alongside the recipe in the book for future reference. A simple visual cue will help remind you of that particular meal at a later date. Where Should You Start Looking For Healthy Recipes? There are numerous places you can start French Wine For a Flat Belly looking for healthy meals such as a library, bookstore, Amazon, or even a simple Google search. You will find that if you input the search query 'healthy recipes' or 'free healthy recipes', you will get pages upon pages of results. Check the top 5 and you should come across plenty of recipes to get you going on your healthy way. If you get into the habit of trying out one new healthy meal every week, you will potentially have 52 meals under your belt within one year's time! Not bad for just trying out one healthy meal every week.

Having over 50 healthy meals at your disposal will be a gigantic leap forward in developing and maintaining healthy nutrition for you and your family and will most likely inspire additional healthy habits to develop. There have been numerous studies that have sampled portion sizes from grocery stores, family restaurants and take-away places, and compared these to recommended Food and Drug Administration portion sizes, and compared these to historical portion sizes. These studies have clearly demonstrated that with the increase in portion sizes of food beginning in the 1970s and rising sharply in the 1980s, there has been a parallel upsurge in the amount of cases of obesity diagnosed. One way to combat individually the offered portion sizes is to downsize your plate.

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