Get to know the 'Roles & Responsibilities' that pmi acp training in chennai  are defined by your organization. Unless you are managing the first project in the history of your organization, these roles and responsibilities must have been established by your executive management in the past. The sooner you know them in detail, the better you can clearly understand where one team member's responsibility stops and the other team member's starts. If your organization has not defined or established clear roles and responsibilities for their staff, you might have a bigger problem on your hand. If this is the case, you should do one of two things - i) outline and present recommendations to your executive managers explaining why it is important to implement; or ii) get busy and update your resume because obviously your management have no idea where they are heading, and so is your project and reputation.

Share this list of 'Roles & Responsibilities' with your team. Make sure they clearly understand what the organization expects and what is required of them. It is a great idea to review them in your team meetings at least once a quarter, or whenever communication problems arise.Firmly understand the different processes that have been established within your organization to allow for a seamless flow of information. Review these processes with team members and collect buy-in from everyone at the early stages of the project. Identify any weaknesses or problem areas and make changes required for your project to run effectively. You might need to involve functional managers as well. 

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