On March 19, the Chinese football association held the reform and development of Chinese football overall plan issued by the second anniversary of the symposium.Chinese Athletics Jersey football association, each department staff, the personage inside course of study, the local football association football as well as media representatives together to attend the symposium.In the football industry insiders, John, jiayi shao the two retired former international to be invited to attend.And in his speech, John's point of view also by media agreed that the most sharp, sharp, pointing to the problem of Chinese football at present. Football in the industry of this symposium invited both NianWeiSi, Jin Zhiyang elders, also have gao, Ma Mingyu such legend, more young John, jiayi shao.When it comes to the invited to participate in seminars, Ma Mingyu truth "flattered", while John is with "humility" to express own mood. John admitted that he is John beneficiaries Chinese professional league, Chinese football leather, now himself as a retired players share enough to see the progress of two years, such as Chinese super copyright sales reached 8 billion, it is almost impossible, that professional http://www.officialathleticshop.com/authentic-16-billy-butler-jerse... league has value, market is very hot, sold the overseas copyright are unprecedented.As well as the competitiveness of the Chinese super league club, in the champions league this year, as the Chinese super league win odds of three teams in the top three, these all benefit from the football reform seriously.In addition on the campus football, youth training, grassroots football is in progress, such as the playing field more and more, whether man-made or natural grass, the school is becoming more and more support for the campus football, soccer reform let we see there are a lot of progress.But if you want to continue to progress, reform wants to get better results, or should find out the problems existing now. Later, John also points out some problems in Chinese football.First of all we should team level, although the Chinese team after 15 years hard to enter the top 12, this is a huge progress, is also a reform efforts, but in the top 12 after the game, team performance was not very ideal, that national team failed to achieve the goal of out of Asia. National team, of course, achievement is not ideal, in John's view, the root cause is currently China lacks good players, "why our team performance is bad, because in the past 20 years, China football level is falling. Because I know that my big brother, what they are, I know now Bismack Biyombo Womens Jersey what is my nephew play level. When it comes to professional league, John said: the Chinese super league looked very fire, but actually only the number of guangzhou, Beijing, chongqing and other home fans, there are a lot of Numbers is not particularly take shots.Sense is not very ideal.And under the professional league hot back, foreign aid prices artificially high, may we target investors want to gain success as soon as possible, introducing good foreign aid at a high price, foreign aid is to improve the quality of good, of course, now we introduce is almost top when playing age of foreign aid, like the 25-year-old Oscar is a good time.But foreign aid worth is really too high, from the other side also shows that investors are irrational, lead to foreign aid price too far. In the seminar, John also addressed the issue of the referee, said the referee also joked: when used as a player is not allowed to evaluate the referee, now I want to evaluate a few words, the level of referees in China really is not high, may have relationship with training selection rules.I have a idea, may don't have to let those professional athletes, a fast-track directly, with a certificate of the referee, because they already have a professional football professional technical ability, and understand the penalties and football rules, become the referee was adequate. Addressed the issue of youth, John also speak different clubs to Yu Qingxun investment compared with the first team are very different, just think of a line of team how to win the game, but very insufficient for Yu Qingxun cultivation.For example, have some of the traditional strong team echelon coaches income 8000 yuan, and relative to wander, foreign aid, foreign income of tens of millions of euros, input is too short for the club.And related personnel at the club, the gym facilities is insufficient, some clubs have no base, 10 years haven't changed in the gym.Some stadium or even dangerous house building, it's not clear how such a stadium by the football association of audit. John said, at last: I rest before only one thing at a time, and is playing football.After work at present is not particularly http://www.officialmagicstoreonline.com/Cj_Watson_Jerseybig relationship with football, but if there is an opportunity, I would like to use life serve country, make its own contribution for the Chinese football.

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