Fiber laser marking machine is the use of high-energy laser light on the workpiece partial exposure, the surface layer material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent marking a marking method.

green laser pointer

Fiber laser marking machine can play a variety of text, symbols and patterns, the character size can range from millimeters to microns, which is of special significance for the security of the product. After focusing the very thin 200mw laser pointer beam as a tool, the object surface material can be removed point by point, its advanced nature is that the marking process for non-contact processing, does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, it will not damage the workpiece; due to Laser focused small size, heat-affected area is small, fine processing, therefore, can do some conventional methods can not be achieved.

450nm blue laser pointer is a genuine power and quality laser on the earth, it should be the best blue laser in pen style design. Not the same 473nm blue laser, this 450nm blue laser is just also generating highly bright and pure blue laser beam directly from 450nm blue laser diode. This direct emission 50mw laser pointer is able to maintain highly stable and reliable blue laser beam emission in continuous pointing work. In order to make sure the best working condition, the maximum continuous pointing time of this blue laser pointer pen should not exceed 30 minutes.

Fiber laser marking machine can mark what kind of information is only related to the contents of the computer design, as long as the computer designed to identify the artwork marking system, then the marking machine can design information accurately restored on the appropriate carrier .

Fiber laser marking machine technology is one of the largest laser processing applications, is the screen printing, ink printing, stamping, electrical corrosion and other processes can not be compared.

From the very beginning of the appearance of 450nm blue laser pointer on the market, it has got a large group of fans and honest owners. It is considered as the best 500mw laser pointer owing to its affordable price and stable performance. This special laser pointer is projecting brighter and visible laser beam than 405nm laser diodes, usually longer wavelength laser is closer to the peak sensitivity of human eyes. When users are making selection of the best blue laser pointer with genuine output power and quality, it will make the purest blue beam irradiation perfectly.

Its advantages are increasingly obvious, the main performance of the following five points: Fiber 30mw laser pointer marking machine processing reliability. Marking graphics, text, serial number, clear, wear-resistant, non-contact processing, so the workpiece is not damaged, no deformation. Computer graphics, layout, scientific and strong. Strong security performance. Can make your product is not easy to be fake, genuine, must be more popular. Marking speed, timeliness, will add endless economic benefits for your business. Fine processing, beautiful, with strong appreciation. Marked logo high precision, nice, watch the effect is good.

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