[FakehubOriginals] Amirah Adara - Fake Tennis (14.07.2018)

Upcoming Information:[FakehubOriginals] Amirah Adara - Fake Tennis (14.07.2018)
When/Date: 02.07.2018
Time: 6:00 am

Link1= - http://t.co/MdzWmVYV2e live stream

Link2= -http://t.co/MdzWmVYV2e live stream

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Brown, straight hair tight in a ponytail reveals a thin, lively face. Bloodshot sapphire eyes, set deep within their sockets, watch delightedly over the armies they've barely related to for so long.Tribal marks resembling a horizontal lightning bolt under her right eye marks her birthright but, more importantly leaves a gracious memory of lands long forgotten.The is the face of Leadrieth Lunadancer, a true warden among blood elves. She stands gracefully among others, despite her tough frame.There's something charming about her, perhaps it's a feeling of hospitality or perhaps it's simply her kindness. But nonetheless, people tend to ask her about her latest victory, while secretly dispising her.

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