Common ways to contract the disease include sexual contact (which includes an infected partners saliva entering your body), needle sharing and infected pregnant women have been known to pass the disease on to their child during childbirth. Some complications include: Liver inflammation, which can lead to liver scarring. Liver scarring can affect the liver's ability to function, Liver cancer and Kidney problems, which may ultimately lead to kidney Spa in Chennai failure. Hepatitis C, is similar to both A and C in that it attacks the liver. Hepatitis C is considered the most serious of all. It could lead to chronic liver disease and is one of the most common reasons individuals need liver transplants. Symptoms include fever, muscle and joint pain, fatigue and nausea. An individual may contract Hepatitis C by blood transfusions (generally this issue was prior to 1992 before there were viable test to detect contaminated blood), needle sharing and sexual contact (although considered rare).

It is important to note that treatment is not always necessary. Although a physician should determine it, slight liver abnormalities may not require treatment (though it is likely that an individual be required to routinely follow up to monitor liver function). However, if an individual must receive treatment it may include antiviral medications intended to expel the virus from the individual's body. Several medications over a period of several weeks could help an individual to gain control. However, the physician may determine that another round of medication is necessary. Finally, individuals who experience any pf the previously mentioned symptoms should seek the advice of a physician immediately. Early detection is key when it comes to most diseases but especially Hepatitis A, B or C. Hepatitis that is able to linger with no diagnosis or treatment may lead to liver transplants or even death.

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