You heard right. Whichever side of the issue you're on at the moment, it's time to take a small break from the His Secret Obsession relationship in order to gain invaluable perspective. Yes, it's a lot of big words that say you need a little distance to clear your head. So, take a break from each other. Move out. Stop talking. Don't call, visit, text message, email, voicemail, or send flowers for a little while. Go on an "ex" diet and see what life is like without the other person in your life. You'll either find that absence makes the heart grow fonder or that you don't really miss the other person all that much. Either way, you'll have a better idea about what your future should hold.

Now is not necessarily the time to point fingers and lay blame but if you're going to work things out the person who did the cheating needs to own up to it before attempting to move forward. Admit the wrongs that have been done, acknowledge them, make amends, and try to move forward. Until that happens there's no reason to even attempt to fix things because there will be too much left undone.Making the decision to stay is the easy part. Living and sticking with that decision is another matter altogether. It won't be easy. Nothing worth having really is all that easy but the rewards for this decision can far outweigh the effort it requires.

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The liver is the organ that is responsible for a variety of functions of the human body, including removal of toxins and filtration of waste products. The liver has many enzymes that aid in drug metabolism. With increasing use of various drugs, drug-induced liver disease has become quite common. Symptoms may or may not be similar to other liver diseases. When the symptoms are…


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