All You Need To know About Windows 10 Upgrade And Downgrade Process

 All those who are thinking about to switch to upgrade Windows 7 from Windows 10 Operating System or want to downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 8 Operating System need to know everything about Windows 10 and its upgrade and downgrade process. Now an operating system is system software that manages computer hardware and software. It controls the complete working of the computer. Its functioning includes program execution, memory management, disk access and much more.

Windows 10 is the latest innovation of Microsoft and it is developed and designed with the motive to make the working process easier and faster. It comes with various advanced and unique features to give an advance level of operating system to perform crucial computing tasks easily. Working with windows 10 is not an easy task if you become aware with its user-interface, and other features you can use it with ease but there are several things which can create a problem like product registration, user account create and disk partition etc.

Now the question arises How to upgrade windows 7 to windows 10?

Windows 7 is the most preferred and most used Operating System. It comes with the most user friendly features that make the work process easier. One of the best things about Windows 7 Operating system is that it comes with the most improved search tool. As compared to Windows 7 OS Windows 10 is the most advances and latest invention of Microsoft. Those who want to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 Operating System can follow the steps below to complete the process.

  • Before you start just make sure your Windows installation is activated.
  • Next step is to download and run the Media Creation tool.
  • Now select upgrade this PC now option and then click next.
  • The Media Creation Tool will now start downloading files that will be time taking.
  • Once Windows 10 files are downloaded to your system, starts upgrade process.
  • Now accept the license when it prompts.
  • The tool will give you three options. Choose what you want to do and click next.
  • After this next step, your PC will restart and after finishing some of the configuration processes Windows 10 will be installed on to your system.

These were some of the simple steps one can follow to Upgrade to Windows 10 OS from Windows 7.

Now let us follow the steps to let you know about how to downgrade windows 10 to windows 8 OS. These are:


  • First step is to secure your important files on a USB drive or external hard drive.
  • Now go to "Settings".
  • Now click "Update and Security" (Windows Update, recovery, backup).
  • Click "Recovery" option.
  • You have three options (Reset this PC, Go back to Windows 8.1, Advance startup).choose "Go back to Windows 8" and click "Get Started".
  • You will be asked about why you want to go back? Choose any reason and then click "Next" to proceed.
  • Make sure you have your password.
  • Now click go back to Windows 8
  • Wait for the process to finish and finally you will be back to your Windows 8 OS.

Thus, this way you can easily upgrade and downgrade to your Windows 10 OS. In case of any issues with the understanding process of the steps users can avail help from Windows 10 upgrade and downgrade support services. These are the online support services working round the clock to offer right solutions to the customers remotely.

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