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When we say "maintenance" the first thing that probably comes to mind is "fix" or "repair" and ordinarily, you wouldn't be wrong. At Adin Studios, that is the best web development company in UAE, website maintenance includes a lot more than mere fixing. Of course, you could only opt to have us fix whatever is broken or you could opt for our "full service" website maintenance. Adin Studios full-service maintenance covers every aspect of your website and largely includes:

  • Detailed Diagnostic

Our full-service website maintenance includes a detailed diagnostic. We use our custom diagnostic software to check all links within the website, including links from menus and dynamically generated links. Next, we stress test the site using our in-house team of experts. The website is put through every possible scenario and maltreatment. The results are analyzed and recommendations formulated.

  • Web Standards Confirmation

Apart from repairing any broken links and technical glitches that we might find in our diagnostic, we also have a microscopic view of each page and elements of the website. For example, are the images looking dull? Is the web animation outdated? Can animation be speeded up to be reduced in terms of size for a quick play? Is the website appearance compatible with current web standards? Is the web content and navigation intuitive? Do all hypertext links have adequate and descriptive titles? Are all elements in the forms adequately explained? Can any form be recast to make it simpler or less confusing? We run through these and several other questions that are a part of our website maintenance review checklist.

  • Check all external links leading to the website as well as directories listing the website

Having covered the website internals in our full-service website maintenance review, we turn our attention to external factors. We begin by checking the quality of all incoming links. If your website retails premium ladies handbags, incoming links from unethical sites would give it a bad impression. On the other hand, incoming links from premium leather goods manufacturers or online fashion retailers would give it a good impression and so would generate high-quality traffic lead to better rankings in search engine.

Adin Studios is the best web development company that gives full-service website maintenance review also includes checking the title of each and every incoming link - are the titles descriptive enough? Are they accurate? As part of our external link maintenance, we also check each and every directory that lists and links back to your website. Is the link working? Have any of the directories stopped listing because subscription payments have not been made or for any other reasons?

  • Check Search Engine Rankings

Adin Studios full-service website maintenance includes a review of the current search engine ranking for your website. Our website maintenance and review checklist includes questions such as: what is the current search engine ranking? Has the search engine ranking slipped? Can the search engine ranking be improved? If yes, draw up a list of recommendations that will guarantee higher search engine ranking.

  • Verify performance of Ongoing Marketing Campaigns

Are there any marketing campaigns in progress? Are there adequate measures in place to quantify the effectiveness of any marketing campaign? Are the current marketing reports meaningful? Our full-service website maintenance includes a review by our team of website marketing experts as well as statistical analysis by in-house analysts who have specialized in interpreting website statistics.

  • Verify performance with Blogging and Social networking

Is your company running any blogs? Are they meaningful? How many prospective customers follow the blog? What has been the impact of the blog either on your website or as an overall corporate brand strategy? What kind of social networking or brand-building exercise is in place and what its impact on the company brand development?

Website maintenance is segregated into several categories and each has dozens of questions that will be answered by our in-house team of experts. A detailed and meaningful report accompanied with power point presentation is presented to our client along with our recommendations. So if you think your website is in need of maintenance or even a "tune-up", talk to us today, Adin Studios would be delighted to contribute to your online success.

Content Management Systems

If you own a computer, you already know that you are not only in control of all the content on the hard drive, but you are also in control of how the computer responds, the screen backgrounds, screensavers etc. In fact, every aspect of the computer can be controlled via Simple Control Panel and installed software. 

Think of the Content Management System as all-in-one website equivalent for your computer control panel and software. The Content Management System enables you to control every aspect of the website in a friendly, intuitive, non-technical, non-intimidating manner.

A motor car can be said to have two parts to it - the driver controls and the engine under the hood. Similarly, the Content Management System (CMS) has two parts to it. The first part is the Content Management Application (think of it as the driver controls) and the second part is the Content Delivery Application (think of this as the engine under the hood). 

The Content Management Application (CMA) is a system through which the website owner or administrator enters and edits or removes content. The web administrator doesn’t need to know any programming language. He simply selects the location where the content has to appear and more or less enters the content the same way you would type out a letter using Microsoft Word or its equivalent. 

The CDA or Content Delivery Application, on the other hand, works invisibly in the background. This is the engine of the Content Management System. The moment any content is added, edited or removed the Content Delivery Application will be based on the requirement, add, update or remove the content from the appropriate location of the website. Additionally, if required, it will also automatically update any menus on the website. For example, if the administrator has created a new category, the CDA will add that category to the menu as well as add the content pertaining to the new category in the appropriate section of the website.

Accessories of the Content Management System

Just as your car has various optional accessories such as air conditioning, music system, airbags and so on, the Content Management System also usually has a set of optional accessories. These optional accessories include:

Inventory or stock control


Goods Dispatch

Customer Support

Each of these is interconnected both with the Content Management System itself and with the front-end of the website. For example, when a customer buys a product, the inventory is automatically updated, and so is the accounting. Simultaneously, the goods dispatch system will reflect the delivery details. Any request for support from the customer will be reflected in the customer support section. 

In the context of a website, content not only refers to the text you see on a webpage, it also refers to page headings, online promotions, page backgrounds, colors, buttons, menus, product lists, product pictures etc. In short, through the Content Management System (CMS), the website owner or administrator has the capability to control every facet of the website.

How can ADIN STUDIOS help?

Adin Studios have a team of highly skilled and experienced CMS experts specializing in custom Content Management Systems. We can either help you select the right off-the-shelf CMS product or we can custom design and develop one for you. A custom designed CMS not only fits your business model to perfection, but the level of sophistication can either be scaled up or scaled down depending on whether you would prefer a fully "hands-on" approach or an "autopilot" approach. Talk to us today. Adin Studios would be delighted to help you succeed in your online venture.

Your brand’s identity is your most powerful asset. Identity plays a major role in brand perception and how the world sees you. We create flexible, powerful visual brand systems that are distinct, noticeable and support of long-term business goals.

 So don't hold back any longer...

Let's get started!

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